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Bluebirds - A Battle of Britain Novel

Published 22nd May 2017

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My first novel, Bluebirds, was inspired by the discovery that a boy from my hometown had grown up to become one of Churchill's vaunted Few, had flown in the iconic Spitfire and had scored kills in that pivotal battle. This led me to research his life in detail. That research became the basis for the story-line of Bluebirds.

Out of Bluebirds was born a purely fictional character named Bryan Hale. Blackbirds follows Bryan as he emerges from the end of the Battle of Britain and enters the new world of night-fighting in the dark winter skies of The Blitz.

Falcons follows Bryan Hale to Malta. The stresses of combat flying in England's summer skies during the Battle of Britain, and night-fighting in the icy darkness of The Blitz, together with the loss of friends and a shattered heart, have left him broken and grounded. Fortress Malta, and the unrelenting Nazi siege that aims to grind it away, will be the furnace that forges him anew.

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